Wellbeing Testimonials

Thank you Culverstone school, teachers and staff for making my boys first year of education in a new country a fulfilling and enjoyable one!

Moving my son to Culverstone Green Primary School has not only completely changed the course of his education but has probably changed the course of his entire life.

Children are encouraged to think for themselves, to consider the consequences of their actions and how they affect others.

It always strikes me when I come into contact with a group of Culverstone children how happy and full of life they are. They are also polite and courteous. Whenever I am walking around the school the children hold the doors open for me, or smile, or say ‘hello’, the teachers also are ready with a smile if you pass them in a corridor. All this makes for a happy, friendly atmosphere and makes the school a warm and welcoming place to be. All of my children love school and it is a place they feel secure, comfortable and confident.

There is a mutual respect between teachers and pupils.