Fun Testimonials

My children run through the school gates in the morning with a smile on their faces, and come out again still smiling at the end of the day-what more could a parent ask for?

My seven year old regularly cries at the weekend because he can’t go to school!

The school productions such as ‘Culverstone’s Got Talent’ and the recent Jubilee show are so much fun for the children and as a parent I always look forward to the next performance night, I know I will be laughing and crying, usually at the same time!

Humour plays a big part in the school day; my children often come home with stories about something funny their teacher said or did in class or a game they played. They are often asked to dress up as different characters and they have class parties for special occasions like end of term or Christmas.

When you walk through the doors of CGPS the sense of happiness is palpable.

My son enjoys coming to school each day because it’s ‘fun’.