From beebots to ipads- the technology the children are exposed to is absolutely wonderful and my boys come home full of enthusiasm for the new things they are learning.

It is excellent that the school is very open about sharing National Curriculum levels/grades with parents and teachers are very happy to discuss these. From speaking to friends at other schools this isn’t always the case. This openness and transparency creates a relationship of trust between parents and the school.

The school is innovative and will do original things; it even has a school dog!

The curriculum is covered in a fun and motivational manner that allows all pupils to thrive.

Culverstone to me is a school with an open door where you are made to feel that they are on your side and any concerns will be met with help and understanding.

A caring, empathetic environment in which children are treated as individuals and nurtured so that they can achieve to the best of their ability whilst also becoming caring, rounded young people.

My child’s teacher noticed that she was not performing as well as she should be in one particular subject, within a couple of weeks I was advised, tests were carried out and assessments done and it was decided between us that there was no need for any concern. It is very reassuring to feel that the children’s progress is being monitored closely and that any problems are addressed efficiently and with a minimum of fuss/worry caused to the child or parent.

The children are well supported and any issues are dealt with in a prompt, professional and efficient manner.

Since coming to this school, my daughter has had so much help and I have been kept up to date at all times; communication is so important and this school always communicates.

Thank you Culverstone school, teachers and staff for making my boys first year of education in a new country a fulfilling and enjoyable one!