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What activity has been undertaken so far in this academic year?

We meet regularly and actively monitor the school’s priorities for improvement.  Minutes of our meetings are shared with the Trust Board and noted at their meetings. In our meetings, a member of the Trust Board (the Trust Liaison Officer) attends for part of the meeting to share relevant information and answer any questions we may have. The minutes of our meetings (with the exception of matters deemed confidential) are a public record and are available to look at.  Below is an update on our recent meetings:

September 2017:

We reviewed preliminary pupil data for the 2016/2017 academic year and Mrs Doughty explained to Governors how this information feeds into the core priorities set out in the annual School Improvement Plan.

November 2017: 

This was a full day in school for Governors, with the morning taken up with visiting each classroom to observe the new ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme and later on in the day Mrs Shamsaddini (Maths Subject Leader) joined us to provide an overview.  Governors also made general observations on learning environments within the school as part of a first look at the new building. In our afternoon meeting, we received the Head Teacher’s Report (containing updates on Finance, Staffing, Premises and Health & Safety). We agreed the School Improvement Plan, discussed how Governors will monitor it and received current Governor monitoring reports (this included a report on the last Parents’ Forum meeting, which was attended by parents of the school, the Head Teacher and two Governors.).  We then discussed the findings of the Parent & Carers 2017 survey and noted action points (you are reading one of them!).  Finally, we noted any updated policies and Governors provided an update on any training attended or planned.

January 2018:

Mrs Doughty took us through the attainment targets for each class. When we evaluate pupil data we look at attainment measures, progress measures, how pupil sub-groups (e.g. SEN pupils, those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, boys and girls, summer born children etc.) are performing on these measures and whether the gap is narrowing in attainment/progress between disadvantaged pupils vs. the rest of the cohort.

We will meet again in February. We hope that this provides you with some insight into our work. Please do not hesitate to contact one of us via the School Office, if you would like more information.

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