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Wow, where did that school year go? The weeks just fly by and here we are getting ready for a new year. I am busy preparing recipes for September but before we move on, here’s a quick recap of the last sunny term of 2016.

I have been cooking with the children for two years now and there is still no let up in their enthusiasm for this subject. I feel a bit like a rock star when I go into the class to collect the children; they get so excited. It is lovely to teach a subject that all of the children love learning.

So, what have we been cooking?

Tigger Class were learning about the sea therefore fish was the obvious choice. We made fish fingers. This proved a popular choice as the majority of the children told me that they loved fish fingers and they really enjoyed making their own. It was a messy process, lots of sticky floury fingers, but the result was worth it. They were delicious.

Paddington Class were learning all about Australia but sadly a lot of traditional Australian recipes include nuts and coconut which we are not allowed to use but they are famous for their barbecues so we made burgers. Every good chef needs a great burger recipe in their repertoire and this one was delicious. The children particularly enjoyed picking fresh herbs from our garden to include in their cooking, and using the food processor to make breadcrumbs was also a highlight.

During the last term of the school year, Iorek Class take part in the Ready Steady Cook challenge. You can read about this in my previous blog. The challenge is undertaken in house groups and each group is given a bag of ingredients and 90 minutes to wow us with a main course and dessert. It’s a frantic yet enjoyable afternoon and proof that our pupils are more than capable of cooking up some delicious dishes.

Aslan Class were learning all about Ireland and so made some soda bread. If you haven’t tried soda bread then take a look at the recipe on our Facebook page and give it a try. It is quick to prepare and totally delicious served straight from the oven and spread with butter. The class enjoyed making it as much as they enjoyed eating it, and it contains wholemeal flour so it’s healthier than your sliced white loaf.

I love cooking with Elmer Class, they are the most enthusiastic of all: they all have a hundred stories of every time they’ve ever cooked anything or eaten anything or, in fact, ever been in a kitchen. It’s a very lively, chatty lesson and they are always so proud of what they make. This term we made dinosaur biscuits for the reading café. I look forward to working once a term with this class next year and hearing lots more food-related stories – you never know, we may even get some cooking done too.

The last class to cook were Hedwig Class; they have been learning about the theatre and the Mr Men. The class had been practising songs from Matilda so we spent the week baking Mr Men-shaped biscuits and making popcorn and then combined the two at the end of the week by inviting the parents to attend a showcase of their children’s talents. They were treated to a stunning theatrical performance and a bag of buttery popcorn. The children loved making popcorn, their faces were a picture when it started popping in the pan. We made cinema-style popcorn with butter and sugar which the children understand is to be eaten as a treat but popcorn can be eaten as a healthy snack if you use herbs or spices such as cinnamon to flavour it.

I will now get back to my preparations for next term but before I do, I would just like to remind you that children must bring in an apron for cookery, the apron not only protects their clothing but also, and more importantly, protects the food from any dirt and bacteria that may be on your child’s clothing. Also please do provide a tub for your child to bring their creations home. This can be an old ice cream tub, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy but it needs a lid and ideally will have your child’s name on it.

Lastly it’s that time of year again: Kent Cooks are looking for the county’s best young chefs. I am ridiculously proud of the fact that we have won the primary section of this competition for two years running. If your child would like to enter please go to for more details. The competition is a lot of fun and the finalists get to prepare their dish in a professional kitchen. The deadline for entries is 1st November 2016.

So, I hope that you all enjoy the remainder of your summer break and I look forward to seeing all my lovely young chefs in September. Hedwig class will be cooking first, Pumpkin Pasties, as served on the Hogwarts Express.

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