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Last weekend saw the Queen celebrating her 90th birthday. At the end of last term, we had our own celebration: a party on the field. We were very fortunate to have Mrs Rodwell’s band play for us, lucky enough to have the sun shine and we were delighted with the amazing cakes and bakes created by the children. They did a brilliant job and were so proud of themselves.

Last term I took the garden party as our theme for cookery lessons, baking lots of delicious cakes and treats.

Year 3 made a Victoria Sandwich; they worked very hard and made sponges that Mary Berry would have been proud of: they sandwiched them together with a lovely vanilla homemade buttercream and raspberry jam.

Year 2 made a chocolate cake, this was not your average chocolate cake; this was a chocolate courgette cake! There were a few worried faces to begin with but there was no need for alarm, the cake was delicious and whilst there is no such thing as a healthy cake, this one is certainly better for you than most.

Year 1 made scones fit for a queen. The children were so enthusiastic about rolling out the dough and cutting the scones. When the beautifully-risen scones came out of the oven looking all golden and crumbly, it was hard to resist eating the whole lot; the children were so proud of them.

queens birthdayYear 6 made a dark chocolate tart usually served with raspberries or strawberries, however, as they were learning about dragons for this term’s tenuous link, I incorporated dragon fruit which we discovered tastes similar to kiwi fruit.

Year 5 made a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake: it was divine. White chocolate combined with cream cheese and double cream – definitely a dish fit for a royal celebration.

And finally, Year 4 made cupcakes: they even iced them with a lovely swirl of buttercream. For most of the children this was their first experience of piping and the lesson was reminiscent of an episode of the Generation Game at times. We had a lot of fun.

I always put the emphasis on healthy eating during cookery lessons but there is always room within a healthy diet for a little treat and we all agreed that the Queen’s birthday was the perfect opportunity to treat ourselves. My aim last term was to inspire the children to bake and judging by the fabulous creations we saw at our party I think I achieved this.

So, onto the last term of this school year. I am very excited to be able to start using some of the herbs from our vegetable garden and to give the children to chance to pick the produce needed for the lesson and show them where some of our food comes from. I will write more about this next month but for now I would ask you to continue to encourage your children in the kitchen, they do really love to cook.

Also, can you please ensure that your child has an apron for cookery, not just to protect their clothing but also to ensure that they have something to protect their dishes from contamination from the dirt that they pick up on their clothes during the course of the day.  This is a basic hygiene regulation in any kitchen.  If you do not have an apron, a clean shirt or T-shirt will suffice. Thank you.

Finally, if your child would like to enter a dish into this year’s Kent Cooks competition, please have a look online at the guidelines –  LINK  – and send me your recipes along with a photograph of your child with their dish. I am extremely proud of the fact that Culverstone School has won this competition for the last two years and I know that we have some very talented chefs who could very easily rise to the challenge.

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