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Here we are: 2016 already and we are off to a flying start in the kitchen. We started this year with Year 4, Hedwig Class. I always try to incorporate the class topic into the cookery lessons but this is not always easy; Year 4 were learning about maps and used the skills they had learned to plan out a route for our Nature Walk. I decided that if you are going on a long walk you would need a good breakfast and so we made waffles and pancakes. Tenuous? Absolutely, but I wanted to show the children that waffles and pancakes can be part of a healthy breakfast if served with yoghurt and fruit – they would certainly give you plenty of energy for a long walk. The children really enjoyed using the waffle iron too.

Year 3, Varjak class, were learning about the Earth, again not a subject that is easy to incorporate into a cookery lesson, so we made cheese scones. I’m not going to pretend that there is a link, I just think that everyone should be able to make a batch of scones. They are versatile; can be sweet or savoury; eaten for lunch or dessert. The scones smelled amazing and made the staff very envious. It was great to see the children enjoying rubbing the butter into the flour gently as instructed and taking great pride in their creations. I must admit by the end of the week, I gave in to temptation and baked a batch at home: I do love a cheese scone!

Year 2, Paddington Class, were learning all about medieval castles, however, most medieval dishes take a little longer than an hour and a half to prepare so we made our own version of a banquet centrepiece pie. We encased an egg inside a ball of sausage meat and then baked it inside a puff pastry case. The children decorated the top of the pies with shapes and letters and they looked amazing, they certainly wouldn’t have looked out of place at a medieval banquet.

By the time Year 1, Tigger Class, came to cook it was Pancake Day or, as it became known at school, Pancake Week. I know that nowadays people have busy lives and a lot of people either buy readymade pancakes or a pancake mix, so it was great to show the children just how easy pancakes are to prepare. The magic of turning really quite boring ingredients into delicious crispy pancakes impressed the children and I even, at the request of the children, tossed some of the pancakes into the air. I never could resist the chance to show off.

Year 6, Iorek Class, are learning about the Wild West this term and we were quite adventurous with our cooking; we made Cornish cowboy pasties, a Jamie Oliver recipe requiring us to make a hot water pastry. Year 6 children love their food and are up for trying new ingredients which is just brilliant: our pasties contained chicken, butternut squash, carrots, potatoes and sage all cooked in a lovely gravy. This recipe included so many cookery skills including: pastry making; grating; dicing; thickening their gravy; and crimping the pasties – so much to fit into one afternoon. I have had amazing feedback from the children about the pasties, all those that I have spoken to really enjoyed them which is great when you think of all the goodness packed inside that pastry case.

Next up, Year 5, Aslan Class, they are learning about World War 2 so I wanted to make something filling that a typical housewife would have cooked up with her rations. I decided on a pie, and although this would have used her entire butter ration, it would certainly have satisfied a hearty appetite. The filling for our pies was chicken and potato and we used shortcrust pastry. The children really enjoyed making the pies but, more importantly, they enjoyed eating them too.

Next term a lot of our cookery will be themed around our royal garden party that will be held in May to celebrate the 90th birthday of our queen.

The children are really enjoying having the opportunity to learn to cook and I hope that you are enjoying sampling their creations.

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