Kerry’s Cookery Blog – Part 10

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It’s been a while since I have written but rest assured we have certainly been cooking up a storm over the last two terms.

Before Christmas Hedwig Class were learning about quests. We all know that for sustained energy we need some complex carbohydrates, so to ensure that our brave adventurers had the energy to take up the challenge of a perilous quest, I taught them how to make granola bars: the combination of simple carbohydrates for instant energy and oats to keep them going makes them the perfect snack for any brave knight. Last term they were learning about Africa; we made an interesting rice dish that contained turmeric, dried fruit and sugar. To accompany this we made some jerk chicken, not an African dish but the spices we used to flavour the chicken complemented the sweetness of the rice.

In Term 2 Varjak Class were finding out about fantastic beasts, not a subject that lends itself to many recipes. We made a dragon fruit and strawberry flan, a versatile recipe that could be made with a variety of different fruits. Last term they were studying Canada and so we made a breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup bacon. I explained to the children that whilst this dish does include two of the main food groups, and therefore supplies some vital nutrients, the use of maple syrup means that this should be a treat and not a regular breakfast food!

Paddington Class have made two sweet dishes over the last two terms: in Term 2 they were learning all about chocolate, a subject I’m sure they enjoyed. We made a chocolate courgette cake: this uses grated courgettes to replace some of the fat – the children looked horrified but they all enjoyed the end result. In 1666 Thomas Farriner inadvertently set fire to his bakery in Pudding Lane, a fire that then went on to rage throughout London, destroying many other buildings. Paddington Class really impressed me with their knowledge of this event; they’d obviously really enjoyed learning all about it. I taught them how to make sugar cakes, a recipe that was taken from a cookery book published at around the time of the Great Fire. It was a cross between a biscuit and a cake and the children loved them.

The lovely Tiggers were learning about the sea but it was getting close to Christmas and so I taught them how to make mince pies in preparation for Santa’s imminent arrival. Last term we made pizza; the children chose their own toppings and decorated their pizzas beautifully. I was extremely impressed, they really took pride in their creations.

During World War One many men spent weeks in the trenches: it was cold and wet and the food was basic, as Iorek class discovered when we made trench stew. It is basically a stew of corned beef, potato, carrot and onion. I am not going to pretend that it looked very pretty but most of the children really enjoyed it. This term Year 6 have been have French lessons so it seemed appropriate to create something French. The French aren’t noted for their healthy food, however we made a beautiful Salad Nicoise; the children made a lovely garlic dressing and added it to a mix of: lettuce, eggs, potatoes, beans and onion. We topped the salad with anchovies – there were mixed opinions about these.

Aslan Class were learning about the Second World War and I found a recipe for cheese and Marmite pinwheels. Cheese and Marmite are a great combination but, as we know, you either love it or hate it. These are a great snack and very simple to make – you can of course omit the Marmite. This term they got to create two dishes: a chicken chow mein to celebrate the Chinese New Year and a traditional Victorian dish, spotted dick, and yes there were giggles at the name. Sadly our oven is broken so we had to cook our pudding in a traditional Victorian microwave; I could almost hear Tiny Tim singing as it pinged.

Lastly I had the pleasure of creating Elmer biscuits with Elmer class, they all really enjoyed baking and decorating these cookies to present to their parents at their reading cafe.

It has been a busy couple of terms for us, the children are becoming quite proficient in the kitchen and their food knowledge is really quite impressive: they understand where their food comes from and know the difference between healthy foods and treat foods.

I’m looking forward to the start another term of fun in the kitchen next week.

All of the recipes are available on our school Facebook page and are displayed in the reception area.

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