Year 3

Varjak Class

Term 1 – Our topic for Term One is Ancient Egypt, we look at the pyramids and all the gory facts from 3100 B.C.

Term 2 – Term 2 brings us back to the present and looking at the UK and its natural features, which will involve some work with atlases.

Term 3 – Our topic is The Romans, we look at Roman Numerals in maths and go on to explore the fearsome Legion and the glorious city of Rome in the coming weeks.

Term 4 – In this term we look a bit more at natural disasters and hopefully get a chance to build our own volcanoes.

Term 5 – This term’s topic of the Eurovision Song Contest, with the children using atlases to locate the countries within Europe as well as explore the political status throughout Europe over the past 50 years. All whilst having great fun voting for our favourite Eurovision song.

Term 6 – After half term we will be jumping back a lot further to the Stone age to study what life was like in that era.

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