Year 2

Paddington Class

Term 1 – Journeys – we will explore our experiences of journeys and travel. In Art we will focus on sketching famous landmarks and in Design Technology we will construct our own globes in order to name and locate the oceans and continents of the world.

Term 2 – Chocolate – we will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and making our own special chocolate wrappers.

Term 3 – London’s Burning – we will be looking at The Great Fire of London and learning about Samuel Pepys.

Term 4 – Carnival of the Animals – we will be reading Fantastic Mr Fox and making our own puppets.

Term 5 – Castles – we will explore their structure, why they were built, and how they were defended from attack.

Term 6 – Australia – we will be journeying to Australia to discover more about the culture and country.

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