Year 1

Gruffalo Class


Term 1 – Weather Watchers –  Gruffalo Class will become weather watchers learning about the changes that happen to our climate during Autumn and into early Winter. This continues throughout the year in Science as we learn about seasonal changes.

Term 2 – Ship Ahoy! – the topic focus moves onto learning about sea exploration and, in particular, Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America and the New World.

Term 3 – Space –  We will be learning about Space. We will be writing poems about meeting an alien on the way to school and go on a ‘trip to the Moon’ to meet and read about Bob, the Man on the Moon.

Term 4 – Houses and Homes – during this topic we will be looking at different types of buildings in our local area and identifying at their purposes, looking at different types of houses, and how houses have changed over time.

Term 5 – Super Girls and Wonder Women – This term our learning is focused on famous women in history. We’ll be finding out about a number of History Makers including Queen Elizabeth II.

Term 6 – Terrific Toys – we will be looking at the differences and similarities between our toys today and those of the 1960s.

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