Reception Year

Elmer Class

Topics this Term

Term 1 – Ourselves – We look at family, home and personal interests. The children also look at similarities and differences between themselves and others. The children will explore their five senses and begin to learn how the body works. We think about and celebrate the things that make us special and unique.

Term 2 – The children will learn about the professions of those who help us. We invite parents in to the classroom to talk about their professions and how they help others.

Term 3 – Nursery Rhymes – We look at traditional nursery rhymes. The children learn repetitive songs and poems and begin to explore and use rhyming words and exciting vocabulary.

Term 4 – Let’s Pretend – We enjoy exploring different fairy tales and settings in our role play area.

Term 5 – Growing – We learn about the life cycles of living things and begin to describe these processes. We explore the world around us and discuss the ways in which we can help to look after our environment.

Term 6 – Journeys – In this topic we become explorers and go on several journeys. We begin by learning interesting facts about dinosaurs and their habitats.

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