Parent Forum Minutes – 4th Dec

Minutes of the Parent Forum 4.12.14


Gail Cox

Ruth Doughty

Tracey Appleby

Healthy Lunchboxes and rewards:

A parent queried why her child had not been praised for her healthy lunchbox after the first day of the new push on “no crisps” and healthy boxes. We do check lunchboxes but don’t give stickers to pupils every day.


A parent queried if there were further guidelines available for parents on the teaching of handwriting aside from the sheet received at the beginning of the year. We could do a workshop for parents if there was sufficient take up. If you would like to attend such a workshop, please contact the school office and we will arrange this. The workshop would be during school hours.

School trips and parent helpers:

A parent suggested that other parents be allowed the opportunity to help out rather than the same parents each time.  In the past there were issues with police checks for helpers and this is still an issue if children are to work alone or be escorted to the toilet with parents. Sometimes you may think that the same parents are attending but some are volunteers in school and are police checked are therefore needed. However, the issue was raised with teaching staff and we will ensure that there is an equality of opportunity to help.

Breakfast club start time:

A parent queried if breakfast club could start at 7.45am. It is a possibility but we could only do this if demand was high enough and there would be an additional charge. Therefore, if you are interested in an earlier start for breakfast club then please contact Kahren before the end of term.


Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 14th January at 2pm

Although we had a healthy response from your say forms, please try to attend meetings if possible as the forum is a useful tool for you to have a voice but it is not generally well attended. Thank you.

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