Parent Forum Minutes – May

In attendance:

Ruth Doughty – Head Teacher

Ria Conroy – Parent

Faye Howlett – Parent

Gail Cox – Parent / Governor



  1. The Forum discussed the practice of taking Elmer home as a reward in Reception class as one parent felt that it had an adverse effect when some children are left to wait until towards the end of the year. The class has a variety of other reward systems in use including daily stickers on jumpers, a reading rainbow, Elmer cards where stickers accumulated result in a Elmer certificate in assembly; and taking your work to the Head Teacher to name but a few. However, we will discuss this as a staff to decide if any changes will be made for the new academic year.


  1. The Pupil Progress Slip was discussed as a parent raised the issue that it was not sufficient. The Forum disagreed and felt that as an interim report it served a purpose to raise any issues between parents’ evenings. The Forum discussed the communications that parents receive on their child’s progress:
    • Term 1 Parent consultations / Coffee morning for Reception class
    • Term 2 Pupil Progress Slip
    • Term 3 Parent consultations
    • Term 4 Pupil Progress Slip
    • Term 6 Full written report with parent feedback opportunity

Parents on the Forum stated that they found the Pupil Progress Slip useful and also stated that the school’s open door policy allowed parents to follow up any concerns and/or to check in with the teacher.

  1. The Forum discussed integrated playtimes i.e. the fact that at some times during the school day, all year groups play together. The Forum felt that there were benefits to having shared playtimes and that the buddy system works well to support younger children. As a small village school, the children benefit from working and playing together. Standards are set for the older children who are expected to set an example to the younger children and there is zero tolerance towards any unacceptable behaviour. Earlier in the year, the Reception class is segregated from other year groups during playtimes until staff feel that pupils are confident enough to join the rest of the school. Even after this, there are opportunities for pupils to remain in the Y1 area if they feel less confident or would prefer to play in a smaller area. Once the children are on the main playground, there are play zones supervised by seven Midday Supervisors at lunch time, and Play Leaders run activities for younger children to enjoy.

We would welcome more parents to attend the next meeting. A provisional date of 6th July at 1.30pm has been set. Do let the office know if you are able to attend.

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