School Council

Our school council is led by Miss Fiona Donovan and aims to ensure that every child has a voice and feels that they can contribute to making Culverstone Green Primary School the caring, creative environment every child can be confident in. Every academic year, two pupils are elected by their classmates to represent their class on the school council. You can see this year’s school counsellors in the picture gallery below.

The school council meets at least once a month to discuss any matters that are of interest or concern to the children and they are encouraged to set the agenda by consultation with their classmates. The subjects discussed so far this academic year include:

  • a proposal to rejuvenate the pond area; it is hoped that this will become a Year 6 project and discussions with Mr Jack are underway.
  • requests for more playtime equipment; a list of equipment that the children would like has been prepared and a proposal is going to be put to the PTA who we hope will fund the requests.
  • requests for more headphones for use with the school computers, these have now been purchased and are being put to good use.
  • a discussion about four-square
  • a request for ketchup to be allowed at lunchtime which is being discussed with our catering company.
School Council News
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